Note to self:
Put the black and white cat in the car carrier first. That way you won’t spend 30 minutes digging her out from under the bed.

I’m sittting here in the coffee shop, procrastinating my drive down the mountain and back across the plains. If I wait here long enough, maybe I won’t have to show up for my first day of work at my new job. I want more of colorado to linger in my mind, and driving down the mountain isn’t going to help that at all.

I’m sure that cats are furious at me by now waiting in the car without any good kittie koffee to drink, so… I’m signing off from the Rockies, for now at least.

Hey, what’s the deal? Didn’t anyone read my awesome post about my EPIC ride? Come on…I put pictures in and everything. At least let me know that you read it!