I’ve done a few cool mountain bike rides the past two days. The first was an afterwork ordeal that started around 7:30 pm and finished well after dark. ONe of our medics sent me up the “little” mountain right behind the hospital. Eleven miles, 1200 feet and some incredible views later, I pulled back up to my little cabin and crashed on the couch, glad I didn’t have to get up for work the next day.

Yesterday we did an awesome ride up some rocky slopes, across beautiful meadows with grand mountain vistas and back down some super rocky switchbacks to a little town down the road, then came back up to town on the road via the famous “glen haven switchbacks”. Ugh. I was really wiped out after that ride, and today, my arms and upper back are sore from wrestling the rocks on the way down. My legs have had some great workouts.

I tried to go for a hike today, but my legs wouldn’t have it, which is just as well because it started to storm about a mile and a half into Wild Basin. I’ll have to head back again another day.