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Have you ever taken a two week vacation? I have, and it seems like two weeks is really the minimum in order to let the real world go and start to relax.

Have you ever spent 2 years taking courses to get into medical school, followed by four years of medical school, followed by four years of hell, I mean, residency? I have. And the truth must be, that it takes at least eight weeks to start to relax after an ordeal like that.

I can’t believe how relaxed I feel right now. Working full time, playing full time. First paycheck in the bank, leg muscles strong, heart rate low, cats happy, work is fun. And the scenery can’t be beat.

Even right now… sitting outside, a soft drizzle falling all around me, margarita happily in residency in my tummy…ok, make that two margaritas…I’ll let you put yourself in my shoes for a few minutes…then feel how relaxed you are!