Tonight I showed up for the weekly “Girlie Ride”, and guess what? Aside from the leader, and a guy, I was the only “girlie” that showed up. So off we went, and we went fast! The leader, in addition to being a Spanish teacher, is a mountain bike racer, and she’s taken 2nd place in each of the last 2 24 hour SOLO mountain bike races she has entered.

I kept up without problem until we got to the first series of steep rollign hills in Dark Hollow. I really pushed hard to climb to the top, but they were too steep and I had to get off and walk both of them. We were less than a 10th of the way into the ride.

THe ride was a great mix of urban, industrial, grassy road, gravel trail and single track trail. Not too rocky, but tons of log & creek crossings.

Oh, did I mention it was dark out? Yeah, pitch black (there’s a reason they call it ‘Dark Hollow’). I borrowed a helmet light and a handlebar light. The handle bar light had a formal mount, but the rest of the parts were duct taped in place! The battery for the helmet light was in my pack. That extra little wieght on the helmet really adds up to a lot of neck strain by the end of the night, too.

I had a rider in front of me and a rider in back of me, sandwiching me with huge amounts of light in addition to what I had on my head. Of course, my lights were not as strong and continuously faded throughout the ride.

The total ride was about 14 miles and I would guess at least 1000 feet vertical. I had my GPS, but the batteries died partway through. I have to power it up and see how much of the ride it captured. Then I’ll post teh map!

I still owe you guys a map of my 7 springs ride too, I havn’t forgotten.