This late 1800s photo of the Edgar Thompson Steelworks is largly unchanged today as I discovered on my Industrial Bike RIde around the city. We headed off east again, but this time down into a town called “Braddock”, which is home to Pennsylvania’s last remaining integrated steel making facility. Yes, folks, this scene is how the Pittsburgh Steelers got their name & “Mascot” (the 3 colored hypocycloid symbol).

We turned up the valley just barely visible in the right side of the photo and toured many of the more eastern neighborhoods, ending up in the town where I grew up…which always seemd like it was at least an hour or more from downtown. But even on the bicycle with the hills, it only took about 45 minutes, not including the detour by the steel mill.

I was ready for a ride home, but the friends we stopped by to see were carless, so the remainder of the ride I was fairly silent as it took most of my brain to concentrate on keeping my legs going in little tiny circles. My companion, meanwhile, who doesn’t drive and has been commuting around the city by bike for about 2 years, was as chatty as ever asking me for advice on how to taper for her upcoming 3 month hike on the Continental Divide trail.