It’s been a long time since I went out looking for new blogs. Here are two that I’ve noted recently. Both are ER docs, and I think both are women (like me…) [EDIT: I was wrong! 10/10 is a guy. I’m not sure what I read that made me think it was a chick. I guess it’s a testament to anonymity!]Reading them is like reading my own blog, in fact, sometimes I think we must have worked the same shift!

Ten out of Ten is in HIS first year of attendingship at a small single coverage ED.

So as I’m walking upstairs, part of my thought process is here’s a guy who’s alive, and I’m going to put him in a coma, and if I can’t intubate him, and then I can’t bag valve mask him, then either he’s going to die, or I’m going to have to cut a hole in his neck to shove the tube in. And I can’t really give you my thoughts on that procedure, since the next time I do it will be my first.

Hallway Four: In my hospital, Hallway Four is where the crazy people go. This is a glimpse of their lives and mine.

Before I left, I went to check on the patient one last time. I told her that she had done a great job – that she deserved a gold star. She said that it was me who deserved the gold star. I said I wasn’t so sure.

She said that if I didn’t accept a gold star then she wouldn’t accept one either.