First ride at altitude. Went to Hall Ranch by Lyons, by far one of the best, if not THE best mountain bike trail I’ve ever been on. This was tough as it’s only my 3rd day at altitude, it was about 90 degrees out with no shade!

I had planned on an “easy” 2 hour ride if I could muster the rock garden uphill climb. Once my HR hit 150+ in the first 30 seconds, though, I re-rationalized my plan.

I decided on 30-45 minutes as a heat acclimitization ride.

Well, I made it to close to the top of the rock garden and have to say that while it was tough, I was very, very impressed with myself. It was my first MTB ride in about 2 months so my balance and techincal skills need some upgrading. But leg strength was never an issue, I powered up and over some short steep rocks and glided my way through some tricky mazes of roots and flowing boulders.

On the way down, I navigated most of the rock garden and flew down the rest of the trail hitting half a dozen little dirt jumps. the last 50 yards to the car I sprinted to see how much I could accelerate,

When I hit the parking lot, I decided to see if I could skid out in the red soil & gravel. I began to apply the brakes, leaned the bike way over to the left, turned the wheel right and started my slide. I was about to go over to the left, so I corrected a bit too quickly and the bike immediately slammed down on it’s right side, but not until a moment after I had leaped off the bike, stradling over the handlebars and landed on the ground running.

Man, what a ride!