I admit that I’ve been feeling a little blah about this blog lately. Burned out in the ER less than 3 years out of residency. I still enjoy medicine, but hate all the politics and policy. So I’ve decided I need to return to the roots of this blog.

When Mr. Hassle First opened it’s digital doors to all comers, I had a single minded purpose for the blog. I searched for the enjoyable personal moments with my patients. Something brightening in an other wise painful and scary encounter for the patient.

The result was frequent updates, sometimes almost daily, usually with a great little anectdote and some touching moment between the patient and myself…

While it doesn’t come across in the blog, I think I’ve actually tuned in to these moments even more than I ever have in the past. But since the newness and mystery of the ER has long since faded, the contrast bewteen the two environments has lessened. Since it is less prominent, I write about it less.

Instead, I guess I see the contrast between my increasing comfort in the ER and the overwhelming beurocracy that is in place in most of the hosptals in which I work. And therefore, that is what I blog about. When I blog.

When I don’t want to blog I put up a pretty picture.

Well, I’d like to apoligize to all of you, my loyal, faithful followers for over four years now. That’s forever in the blog world.

I don’t know what I’ll blog about in ER terms, but maybe I’ll try to adopt GruntDoc’s model a bit, in which he seems to have no difficultly conveying his confidence and comfort in the ER. A competent physician who doesn’t mind a little hard work now and then. As long as it’s followed by ample time off for fishing biking!

So stay tuned.