So this really seems like an unnecessary witness providing niether fuel nor water for either side of the case.

Henry Winkler recently took the stand to testify in John Ritter’s death. Newspaper reports simply say that they talked about their upcoming lines and the days filming and that was it. Later in his testimonly, Winkler was asked what he thought John’s children would miss the most about their father.

What in the world does that have to do with his medical condition and subsequent treatment?

Well, it’s really kind of non-news, but the fact that this type of testimony is present in medical malpractice cases just gives me even more encouragment to get really good at my options trading.

It took me a second reading to see that this comment was off the record outside the courtroom:

Outside court, Winkler told reporters he still cannot comprehend that Ritter’s life ended so swiftly. He had no comment on whether he believed the doctors were to blame.

Thanks for your exert testimony, Fonzie.

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