I dragged myself out of bed this morning to the grocery store. As I roamed the isles seeking out orange juice and soup, I noticed my paraspinal muscles were tight and sore…not your typical lower back pain, but like I had done some unusual back exercise at the gym. As I sank into the couch watching the best Steelers game of the season, the stiffness slowly crept up my back, into my shoulder blades, the sides of my neck and finally into my deltoids. I’ve been squirting Zinc gel up my nose in a deparate attempt to inhibit the multiplying of virus cells, but I may have started too late.

Everytime I swallow, my right ear pops, and now my maxillary molars hurt on both sides of my face (their upstairs neighbors, the maxillary sinuses, frequently transmit pressure to the roots of the molars causing discomfort). When I get sick, I really get sick…I seem to be immune from the mild colds I used to get in college and high school. So I’m dreading the next week (or two?) With luck, I’ll be over this by Christmas. I wonder if the sudden decrease in mental stress associated with finishing cardiology and starting outpatient peds has anything to do with it?

In any case, drug me up with benedryl and kill my pains with tyelenol. I’ll let you know if the zinc seems to work, but I’m not a controlled trial, just a case study.