Chief complaint: Dizziness
By the way, the CT scan showed I have a tumor in my brain.

Typical of the referrals we get.

This lady was happily golfing with her husband at their winter home in florida when she went to the ER to be evaluated for dizziness. A CAT scan showed a large mass in her brain. The doctor started her on steroids and recommended she go back north for additional treatment & evaluation, in otherwords, back home where their family lives.

She handed me a CD with her brain tumor on it. She had the kind of tan that active people get in florida. A bronze coloration with pale wrinkle lines next to her eyes. She talked about all the upcoming “future legends” golfers that she’s met. She told me also that she was scared to death.

I did an xray which showed a single large tumor in her right lung. She’s a smoker. But I wonder if these tumors aren’t really skin cancer?

I called the nuerosurgeon and the oncologist. The neurosurgeon suggested that she should have finished her vacation in florida, who knows what will happen now. Whatever she’s had she’s lived with for awhile, and another week, or two, or three probalby wouldn’t have made a big difference.

Her son pulled me aside, “We’re in big trouble, aren’t we?” I told him I honestly didn’t know. A single tumor in the lung, and one, maybe two in the brain. I told him there was no way to guess about prognosis, treatment, time left, until there was a diagnosis.

I gave them this website to browse, hoping they’d find some solace in another family’s experience.

Mom’s Cancer