I hit the trails again this evening for a dusk ride by myself. It took me 36 minutes to reach the very top of the ridgeline where the power cut divides teh trails in half. I went straight across like I did last week, but then quickly came to a tri-furcation in the trail. First I tried the left, but that soon led to a farmers field. I turned around and this time went straight. I’m not sure if I’ve been on that one before, but at some point, I think I got lost! I’m not really certain, though. The trails were a little irritating because they kept switching back going UP the hillside when I wanted to go DOWN! It was gettign dark and I was getting tired. When I was thrown off my bike for the third time, I took that as a sign and slowed down a bit, and just rode home. I’ll have to go back up and try the trail all the way on the right. I think that’s the super fun one I did last week, but last week the trails were marked for the race and since then all the signs have been removed.